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Group Projects

Scrapped - UE4


Scrapped is a single player, third person, three-dimensional (3D) platformer incorporating environmental hazards and skill-based challenges developed for the personal computer (PC).


Scrapped focuses on utilizing magnetism-based mechanics to reward discovery and experimentation. In each level, players must evaluate their surroundings, determine their preferred pathway, and reactively jump, attract, and repel to their intended destination. Throughout their route, players encounter environmental hazards, one-step solution puzzles, and skill-based challenges.

Styx - Unity


Styx is a single-player (SP), two-dimensional (2D), puzzle-platformer developed for personal computers (PC). Unlike traditional platformers, in this game the player controls a flying character (a Dark Ferryman of the underworld) that guides one secondary, floor-bound unit (a recently dead human Soul) over and through obstacles (in the river Styx).


The game explores the themes of godly mythology, light vs dark, and the transition into the afterlife. It puts these themes in the present day, juxtaposing ancient myth with contemporary concepts.

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